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Scuba Instructors

Scuba instructors who wish to train their students while on their dives are welcome to do so. Please notify us if you intent to certify students when making your reservations. We ask that you provide us with your instructor credentials and proof of liability professional liability insurance. Lake Michigan shipwreck dive charters are the perfect place to do your Advanced Open Water Certification dives, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Photography, Boat Diver, Drysuit Diver, and Night Diver Specialty Certifications. You can complete the Advanced Open Water Certification Dives in just one weekend with the addition of a night dive on Saturday. Don't sit on the bottom of some inland lake or quarry with nothing to see while doing certifications dives! Give your students some real world diving experience while diving on some of the fantastic shipwrecks in the Milwaukee area! We have shipwrecks starting at a depth of 17 feet that are perfect for Open Water or Advanced Open Water Certification Dives all the way to your Deep Diver Specialty dives at 130 feet. There are even a few wrecks at 180 feet for your Tec Certification dives too!

Scuba Students

If your are looking to get certified for scuba diving or if you want to continue your scuba diving training, we can help you too. We have an PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer on staff for all of your scuba training and certification needs. We train Open Water Certifications through Divemaster and 18 different specialty certifications.

We recommend AJ Scuba four all of your scuba diving training certification and training needs.

AJ Scuba Students receive 50% off charter rates while performing their certifications dives.

Please see the AJ Scuba Website for more information about scuba certifications and prices by following the link below.

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