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Milwaukee Area Shipwrecks

Prins Willem V

The Prins Willem V or commonly called "Willie" is the most popular shipwreck in the Milwaukee area. She is laying on her starboard side. The top rail of the shipwreck is at 55 feet and the bottom rests at 9f feet. The Willie is a steel cargo ship that is 258 feet long and she sank in 1954..     

Dredge #6

The Dredge #6 or Dredge #906 is another popular and one of the most unique shipwrecks in the Milwaukee area. This dredge barge is laying upside down on her structure and you can easily swim under the barge. The maximum depth is 70ft  and the keel weight is and bottom of the barge is at 35 feet. The barge is 120 feet long and sank in 1956.


Edward E Gillen Tug Boat

The Edward E Gillen Tug Boat is a great shipwreck for beginners. She is laying upright at a depth of 65 feet and is 57 feet long. She sank in 1981 .



The Lumberman is the perfect shipwreck the first time Lake Michigan Diver and the experienced diver like. She was a three masted wooden schooner. She sank in 1893 and she lays intact at a depth of 55 feet. The Lumberman was built to carry lumber on the great lakes. She is one of the oldest shipwrecks in the area.



The SS Appomattox was 319 feet long making her the largest wooden steamer on the Great Lakes. She was designed to carry coal on the Great Lakes when she ran aground and sank  in 1896. She lays in 17 feet of water which makes her a great shipwreck for beginning divers and snorkelers alike.



Milwaukee Car Ferry

The SS Milwaukee Car Ferry is 338 feet long and sank in 1929 with her cargo of railroad cars, bath tubs, automobiles and lumber. She lies at a depth of 90 - 130 feet. Advanced certification and deep diver specialty are required due to the depth of this shipwreck.

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